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Rusty, a broke trucker facing eviction agrees to help his neighbor track down her husband's murderer, but he must overcome his past if he's going to do the job.

In Production - Coming 2018

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A bare-knuckle boxer in too deep with the local crime boss has his life knocked upside down by an alien device that gives him superhuman powers – for a price.

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Boring Bev didn't order the mysterious man-sized box that arrives on her doorstep, but to return it, she'll have to open it...

WARNING: brief nudity!

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I'm named after the grasslands of Africa, not the town in the USA, despite being born in Texas. Mum's a Brit (raised in Kenya), Dad's half French (raised in Turkey), and I currently live in Glasgow. As one might expect with a pedigree like that, I've moved often. One thing follows me wherever I go – my passion for stories. Well, that and my rescued cat Bella, who helps me write by lying on the keyboard.

I've done a variety of filmmaking jobs both behind and in front of the camera on productions big and small, from the sunny City of Angels to the drizzly Brizzle. My experience allows me to unleash my creativity within the confines of the production. I know what it takes to bring a project from conception to completion, especially on time and within budget. I'm self-disciplined, reliable, and I believe in clear communication.

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Djinn of Sin
*SS All Change Competition Winner*

Genre: Comedy.
Format: Short.

*Winner of the 2018 Scottish Screenwriters All Change Competition*

Logline: Worried William releases more than - erm - himself when he uses the last of his roommate's anniversary edition "Djinn of Sin" body lotion while psyching himself up to ask out the girl of his dreams.

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The Future Sucks!

Genre: Scifi Comedy
Format:  Short

Logline: Jax is three time travels short of escaping her dead-end job as a Time Tours guide - until her soulmate proximity alert goes off near the victim of a 21st-century serial killer.

The League of Massively Awesome Oddballs (LMAO)

Genre: Scifi Comedy.
Format: TV Pilot.

Logline: A ragtag group of professional gamers are forced to work with a geek-averse undercover cop to bust a ruthless criminal organization using the game as a front.

How to Kill Dad

Genre: Drama.
Format: Short.

Logline: A little boy turns to a sleazy divorce lawyer in a desperate attempt to halt his father's abuse.

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The Ottomans

Genre: Historical Drama.
Format: Pilot.

Based on the work of John Freely, specifically Inside the Seraglio.

Logline: Mehmet Koprulu, taken by the Ottomans as a child, brutally forges his way through the perils of war, the harem, and three mad sultans to become the most powerful grand vizier in Ottoman history.

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"Stories of imagination tend to upset those without one." - Terry Pratchett