Savannah Morgan


Djinn of Sin - Short

Up-tight William wants to calm his nerves to ask out the girl of his dreams, but he releases more than his tension when the use of his roommate’s Djinn of Sin body lotion brings him face to face with Angus - a brash budget genie.

-Winner of the Scottish Screenwriter's "All Change" Competition

The Future Sucks - Short

Jax is three time travels short of escaping her dead-end job as a Time Tours guide - until her soulmate proximity alert goes off near the victim of a 21st-century serial killer.

C.R.A.K. - TV Pilot

The leader of the Roguerunners is having a really bad day. Betrayed by her lover and arrested for assault, she and her guild have to team up with a tech-averse cop to compete in CRAK: a virtual reality gaming tournament run by a ruthless mob boss.

Caledonia - Children's TV Pilot

“Luna the Loon” has to team up with the biggest bully in school to rescue her brother from the lost realm of Caledonia.

The Ottomans - Historical TV Pilot

Mehmet Koprulu, taken by the Ottomans as a child, brutally forges his way through the perils of war, the harem, and three mad sultans to become the most powerful grand vizier in Ottoman history.


DeSCRIPTion: Breaking Down TV Pilots


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I'm Savannah, named after the African grassland despite my American accent, and I currently reside in Glasgow thanks to my French nationality.

I've lived in many places, but my passion for stories has been the one constant in my life. That passion led me to the film industry, where I've worked both sides of the camera from L.A. to the U.K.

When I'm not writing, I can be found dancing Argentine Tango or geeking out!

Screenwriting Experience

Film Experience (Highlights)

"Stories of imagination tend to upset those without one."
- Terry Pratchett